Burkini – The Perfect Muslim Beachwear

Even a few years before, the pair of Muslim women and beaches was considered odd. It was not because they were scared of the sea but it was because the right outfit was not available for them for enjoying the sea. As per the Muslim religion, women are prohibited from exposing their flesh, especially in public places. The act is considered an unforgivable sin. Due to this rule, Muslim women could not put on the swimsuit manufactured by the leading brands.

Then there came a revolution named Burkini which is a combination of Burqa and bikini. It was crafted keeping in mind the traditional faith and belief of Muslims along with the specialties of swimwear. Now, with this right swimwear Muslim women can enter the water on the beaches with due respect to their religion. It is one of the most Islamic Clothing when it comes to swimwear.

Designing swimwear for Muslim women keeping in mind the Islamic traditions is not only a challenging task but almost next to impossible. But, Oliver Momeni accepted this challenge and successfully gifted the women of the world with a swimwear named Burkini. After putting in the immense effort he came up with this terrific piece of modest and comfortable swimwear especially for Muslim and Islamic women.

Burkini is a two-piece swimsuit that includes a shirt having an attached headpiece and a pant. The best part of this swimwear is it covers the entire body and exposes only your face, hands, and feet. High-quality water-repellent fabric is used to stitch a Burqini which is Chlorine/Salt water-resistant and also protects you against ultraviolet rays. Some Muslim swimsuits in the market could not gain much popularity as they tended to cling to the body, when wet. But this problem has also been overcome by using a fabric that would dry very fast so that you don’t face such a problem. 

Some of the special types of swimwear feature elastic bands attached at the inside part of the pants and get buttoned to the inside of the suit which prevents the suit from floating. At times a Burqini also comes with a zipper in the pants which proves handy to store small items like keys and other essentials.

In online stores, they have a wide range of Burkinis for beach lovers in the Muslim community. The range available is also affordably priced. You can select from this wide range of variants conveniently from the comfort of your home. This helps you save a lot of time and energy.


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