Burkini – A simple guide to buying the perfect Islamic Swimsuit

There was a time when Muslim women refrained from taking part in water sports as there was not any Islamic clothing to wear for the same. Traditional swimsuits do not promise the required modesty demanded by Islamic religious practices. On the other hand, casual Islamic attire is not a very comfortable pick for water activities. As a solution to this, a new invention took place in 2004 resulting in an Islamic Swimsuit. The swimsuit maintained every bit of modesty as required by the Islamic religion and was named the Burkini. Since then Islamic swimsuits have come a long way in terms of designs and styles.

A simple guide to know why buy the perfect Islamic Swimsuit called Burkini:-

Based on types

Burkini swimsuit is available in two designs, namely, one-piece burkini and two-piece burkini. One-piece swimsuits, as the name suggests, come as a single-piece swimsuit. E.g. a tunic attached to leggings or a tunic attached to skirts stitched to a pair of leggings. They are both sold together as a combination and separately. Buying separate pieces allows for mix and match between different designs and styles. It is important to buy a swimsuit keeping in mind the body type. For women with a full/broad figure or a fat belly, go for bottoms with high waists. They have a slimming effect on the stomach thus making them look thinner. Low waist bottoms would highlight the busty physique. Also, they should avoid a one-piece swimsuit. Women with large busts should wear underwire tops to make the top look less heavy. They can wear both designs. For women with good physiques or less weight, any type of swimsuit can be picked, though they should prefer the tight fit ones.

Burkini Colors

You will get a wide range of colors, which might end you up in a confused state. As far as the colors are concerned, simply go for the ones that go with your complexion. If you want to look stylish, this point needs to be kept in mind. For people with fairer complexion, bright colors are a great choice. While for dark complexions, less bright colors are recommended.

With these simple tips in mind, picking the right burkini will not require much of your effort and time. However, one should make sure to buy it from a clothing store that deals with Islamic clothing. They are sure to provide you with everything you are looking for. If you already know of such stores, then make your purchase from the same store. If you are not aware of a reputed store, then you can look up for the same on the Internet. It will provide numerous results but the reviews and feedback will help in selecting the good ones.


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